Mac is Pop: YouTube Live, “Agent 86” and “Honey & Clover” (+ Humor with Bill Gates)

Mac is Pop: YouTube Live, “Agent 86” and “Honey & Clover” (+ Humor with Bill Gates)

At the Mac Pop this Sunday, we bring some diverse collaborations from readers and, in the end, we also combine a Moment Humor with two parts related to former Microsoft CEO, Mr. Bill Gates. Hope you like it.

To begin, we bring here two images captured by Julio Turolla, who watched the entire YouTube Live event last week. Although they are not in good quality, you can easily identify one of the new MacBooks Pro (or is it Air? Or a new MacBook?) In the first image and, in the second, a black MacBook.

In this next one, you can check images of Agent 86, right at the beginning, at his house with iPods and a white MacBook. Who sends us the Alexandre A. Figueiredo.

The latter, also sent by Alexandre, from Knight Rider (The Super Machine), an Apple Aluminum Keyboard inside the car.

J o Emiliano Vieira Ramos brought us a very different example: Honey & Clover one live action Japanese released earlier this year, today with 11 episodes. iMacs appear at a glance in the design office throughout the series, check out two images below:

To take a break, the Agnaldo Silva Martins sent us a few jokes, among which we selected this one, which makes fun of Microsoft Windows in a “real-life dialogue” between a builder and Bill Gates. Unknown authorship.


Bill Gates moved into his new home, and last week made the following call to the builder:

Bill: I have some matters to discuss with you.Constructor: Oh, you have the option of basic support. Calls will be free for the first 90 days, and $ 75 for calls after that. OK?B: Hummm, ok, fine. The first thing living room. I'm finding it smaller than in the plant.Ç: Yes. We commit a few things to deliver on the promised time.B: I don’t know if all the furniture will fit here.Ç: Well, you have two options. You can buy one living room new and bigger, or you can use the Stacker.B: Stacker ?!Ç: Yes, it will allow you to place twice as much furniture in your room. Stacking, you place the coffee table on the sofa, the chairs on the table etc. You leave the center free. A, when you want to use some furniture, you unstack what you need and put it back when you're done using it.B: Ah, t. Let's go to the second point of doubt, which are the points of light. The lamps I brought from my old house do not serve these new points. The threads are turning the other way.Ç: Oh! This is easy. These old lamps are not only plug & play. You just have to make one upgrade of your lamps.B: And the plugs? The holes are round, not rectangular. How do I do it?Ç: Just uninstall and reinstall the entire electrical system that will work.B: YOU ARE PLAYING !!Ç: No. This is the only way to fix this.B: (sigh) Well … I have one last problem. Once in a while, when I have guests and one of them flushes the toilet, she doesn't stop. The water pressure drops a lot and the showers stop working.Ç: This is a problem of lack of resources. When one device is not properly disconnected, the other devices stop working, until the one with problems is fixed.B: And how do I fix it?Ç: Well, after each flush, you all have to leave the house, turn off the water on the street, turn it on again and go back to the house. Everything goes back to normal again.B: That too. What kind of product did you sell me ?!Ç: Hey, if you don't like anything in the house, no one told you to buy it!B: And when are you going to fix all this?Ç: Well, in your next home. It is almost ready to be launched towards the end of next year. In fact, it should be ready this year, but we were delayed …

And to close, since we are in a slutty mood with Bill Gates, check out the animated cartoon below. Philip.

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