Mac @ IBM is open source; SAP adopts Jamf to administer Macs

Mac @ IBM is open source; SAP adopts Jamf to administer Macs

The penetration of Macs In the corporate world it's still not the biggest, but Apple has struggled to turn this around: Over the past few years, several efforts have been made by the company and its partners to make the presence of Apple computers more common in business environments.

And the fruits come. Examples of this are two news stories today both outputs from Jamf Nation User Conference, event of the company that specializes in tools for companies to manage Macs among its employees

Mac @ IBM

mac @ IBM, IBM solution for enterprise business management

During his keynote at the event, the executive of IBM Fletcher Previn announced that the company is opening the solution code Mac @ IBM, designed to simplify the support and management of a company's Macs. As a result, other companies will be able to use the giant's platform at no extra cost, customizing it as they see fit.

With Mac @ IBM, companies can collect more data about employees in the initial macOS setup process; Employees, in turn, can select application packages to install as soon as they set up the Apple Business Manager-like solution.

At IBM, the idea worked very well: the 30,000 Macs used by IBM employees in 2015 jumped to 134,000 in 2018.


As IBM releases its solutions to the world, other companies announce internal improvements. THE SAP, one of the largest enterprise software companies on the planet, announced at the same conference that it will now use Jamf solutions to manage the more than 17,000 Macs, 83,000 iOS devices and 170 Apple TVs owned by its employees, making the whole process simpler and more integrated.

Apple TV in the corporate market

The plans involve Jamf Self Service, which enables employees to access applications, features and automated support without having to contact the company's IT industry at all times; Integration with Microsoft business services gives employees even more secure forms of data protection and storage.

SAP is already a big partner with Apple and the news will only deepen the friendship. For Ma, it's great news after all, exploring a market where your penetration is always a good idea.

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