Mac #FAIL: MacBook heats up and shuffles its entire interface

Now it was the turn of the Daniel Passos contribute to our series Mac #FAIL: after having problems with a 17-inch PowerBook G4 showing defects in the monitor, he upgraded this last Carnival and purchased one of the new MacBooks unibody 2GHz.

From then on, he noticed strange behavior on the screen, which flickers from time to time. Earlier today, while using the machine, it became very slow and crashed. After restarting it all returned to normal, but a few minutes later it was slow again and the video shuffled all over, check it out:

FAIL on MacBook

“I thought I should share this work of art that turned my table around with the community”, joked Daniel. "The MacBook went back to work with a reboot, I believe it was overheating, but I will go to the store or a technical assistance to see if they solve it."

I think that was the Mac #FAIL more hairy than we've ever had.

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