LXORY Launches the Market's First Dual Wireless Charger with Lightning Input

Several well-known brands from the public have already tried to present their newest solutions for wireless charging now that iPhones support the technology and the AirPower is on its way, you need to move to stay relevant in this environment, after all.

Belkin presented a solution very similar to the one that Apple will put on the market in the coming months, while Hyper decided to innovate with a very interesting hybrid. No manufacturer, however, seems to have reached the balance of simplicity, functionality and low cost as well as the relatively unknown LXORY.

The call Dual Wireless Charging Pad , at first glance, a double wireless charger with simple design, very compact and thin (9mm thick) which, in itself, would be very attractive. But what draws attention to the amount of options that it brings on its back to be powered: we have here a USB-C port, a Micro-USB and, for the first time in a wireless charger, a Lightning ie you can simply use the cable that came with your iPhone to connect the charger outlet or to a computer.

Dual Wireless Charger LXORY Dual Wireless Charging Pad

The accessory also has a USB-A output that can be used to charge other devices, and has a temperature sensor that protects the devices from overheating. The downside is that it provides a maximum load of 5W, below the 7.5W supported by iPhones but that shouldn't represent a very long delay, anyway.

The Dual Wireless Charging Pad is already on sale on American Amazon for about $ 30 it comes with a USB-C cable, but no plug adapter or anything like that (yes, they had to save some money to keep the price down). If the idea is to look for a cheap and unpretentious wireless charger, it is worth considering.

via 9to5Mac