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Lutris to win Snap and Flatpak versions, creators say

In a Twitter response, the Lutris team commented that Snap and Flatpak versions are at the highest priority.

We know that in recent months, the installation of games on Linux has become increasingly easy, the famous next, next, next and finish, thus attracting more and more people to the penguin world. One of those responsible for this is Lutris, which tends to automate this process.

  Lutris should win Snap and Flatpak versions, creators say Another one that is helping a lot in the spread of Linux, Forbes Jason Gospel, which in the middle of the second semester of 2018 began its journey of migration from Windows 10 to Linux, first with Mint and Ubuntu, and nowadays. testing the most diverse distros.

And on those crossovers that everyone expects, like Avengers vs. X-Men, behold, on the afternoon of Thursday (7), Jason asks Lutris folks when they would create a Snap and / or Flatpak version of their app, seen that the same and the official site had a revamped, the response of the Lutris staff was very encouraging:

Another joke was Alan Pope, manager of the Ubuntu community at Canonical Engineering Services and one of the leaders of the UK LoCo Team, saying he already had a Snap version of Lutris, but would need some polishing.

It's very heartening to know that the folks at Lutris have been considering putting their app into cross-platform packaging formats, thus eliminating the need for a terminal to add repositories, authentication keys and the like. This is very pleasing to newcomers to Linux who just want to download the app, install the game and play.

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