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Luna Display now lets you use another Mac as a second screen.

We've talked here a few times about the Luna Display, Astro HQ solution that turns your iPad into second screen for the Mac. The developer promised that it would remain strong and strong after the release of Sidecar, and it seems like it wasn't such a word that she announced today a new feature that Apple's native feature doesn't have.

Starting today, Luna Display can use not only iPads, but also Macs as the second screen of your computer. That is, you can take that old iMac without much use and set it up as your MacBook's auxiliary screen, or then use your Mac mini connected to an old MacBook that's out there. The possibilities are huge.

The main idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLuna Display developers is to give older Macs a new function, which may no longer have much use so much that the connecting software runs on any macOS from Mountain lion (10.8), allowing several older machines to take advantage of the feature (another point, moreover, where Luna Display outperforms Sidecar). The main Mac (the one with the extended screen), on the other hand, must be running the El capitan (10.11) or higher.

The so-called Mode Mac-to-Mac no additional hardware required: if you already have dongle from Luna Display, simply update the connection software to version 4.0 and it will be ready to extend your screen to a second Mac. tomorrow (10/18); traditionally she goes out for $ 70.

via iMore