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Luna Display, accessory to extend the screen of the Mac on the iPad, is now available

About a year ago, we talked here about the Luna Display, accessory of Astro HQ (company responsible for established applications, such as Astropad Studio) that fits on your Mac and establishes a proprietary, wireless connection between your computer and an iPad, making the tablet a second screen recognized as such – the Mac recognizes the iPad as monitor and its screen can be extended normally and with almost no interference or lag.

The accessory spent a good part of the last year in the final stages of the project after obtaining a very satisfactory collection in Kickstarter; the official pre-order for general consumers started last July and now Luna Display is now available for sale on its official website for $ 80 – US $ 20 more than its creators asked for in the fundraising phase.

There are two versions of the accessory: one has a USB-C connector, for newer Macs, and the other comes with a Mini DisplayPort plug, for older machines; the values ​​for both are identical and also include free access to the Luna Display apps for Mac and iPad. The requirements for using the tool are quite broad: just have a Mac running macOS El Capitan 10.11 or higher and an iPad running iOS 9.1 or higher.

Who’s going?

Luna Display app icon

via TechCrunch