Lumos Helmet is a smart, bright helmet integrated with Apple Watch, perfect for bike riders.

Nowadays, basically everything you imagine already has a clever version (smart). It would not have to be any different with bicycle helmets.

Originated from Kickstarter, the Lumos Helmet beautiful and full of features: it has several LEDs all around it (to light the way, alert drivers and even give an arrow), features Apple Watch gestures and integrates with apps like iOS's native Sade and Strava .

The helmet sold in three different colors white, blue and black, has rechargeable battery with up to 6h of autonomy, water resistant and obviously has passed safety tests to protect the user well in case of an accident.

Lumos Hemlet is on its official website for $ 180, but it has already been branded by Apple and is also being marketed by Apple in its online store (in addition to several physics in the United States and Europe). This is a great proof of the quality of the product.

via Engadget