LumaFusion gains support for external monitors; Cardhop and iFood are also updated.

LumaFusion gains support for external monitors; Cardhop and iFood are also updated.

Three cool apps were recently updated on the App Store. Let's go to the news?


LumaFusion app icon

O LumaFusion, one of the most popular video publishers on the App Store, has arrived version 2.0 packed with news.

You can now edit using six video / audio tracks and six tracks (obviously, the good preview performance with more than three video tracks depends on the device model).

The app also gained a new simplified user interface with new (vector) icons and enhanced workflows, and a new timeline overview (which makes it quick and easy to see your entire project and go to a specific edition) ; There's also a new control (press and hold the play button) to find the perfect frame, and the option to use marker colors and comments to quickly find important moments in your projects / media.

Trackheads now have lock, hide / mute, and link / unlink options; There is also support for GNARBOX 2.0 SSD (as well as improvements in GNARBOX 1.0 support) and external displays, giving you more room to work!


Cardhop app icon

Cardhop app icon

Flexibits's iOS and MacOS contact manager has also received a great update.

Version 1.1 (for iOS) comes with template settings for customizing fields and labels for new contacts, smart group templates (create smart groups that are updated based on common contact searches), multiple business cards (create separate business cards). different situations), automatic synchronization between devices using iCloud, and stickers for iMessage.

Other new features include Gravatar service support (to automatically find email contact photos), group messaging using shortcuts, new setting to display nicknames in contact lists, sorting and grouping contacts by company, email domain, country , state, city or zip code, option to import directory contacts as regular contacts, option to add YouTube profiles and more!

On macOS, version 1.3 has been given the option to display nicknames, support group messaging using shortcuts, and new templates by adding new smart groups (for quick add-on).


IFood - Food Delivery app icon

J the most widely used app for delivery Food has gained a very nice feature: From version 9.6.0 onwards, you can use Siri to know where your order is without touching the iPhone. You need to record a voice command, associate it with Siri Shortcuts on the screen. order tracking and ready.