Loyalty test: Facebook can remove your apps from Play Store and launch alternative store

It is not uncommon for people to hear, especially among the tech savvy, that the Facebook app on Android is slow, buggy and closes on its own sometimes. We even have some articles here on AndroidPIT where we advise you to uninstall it for other types of social network access. But what we thought was the incompetence of the company's developers turned out to be a purposeful move by Zuckerberg to test the loyalty of its users. Yes, dear reader, almost a Joo Klber loyalty test, but the opposite.

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to know if his users would be loyal to the social network even if the app had problems. As a result, he tried to make the Android app crash for several hours or bizarre bugs. Guess what was the reaction of the people. That's right who said they kept trying to access their Facebook profiles. In other words, they (or in this case) were willing to face the failures to continue accessing the social network.

Unfortunately, we do not know how many users were purposely subjected to this prank. However, as one source who spoke to the site points out The information, people never stopped signing in to Facebook, even with all the problems and bugs. Developers noted that when the app was so troubled that it was unable to access, users would use their smartphone browser to access the mobile version of Facebook.

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Are you loyal to Facebook? / ANDROIDPIT

What is the point of such a grotesque test? Well, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to know how willing his users were to continue using Facebook. It was not difficult to find that they can easily get around obstacles and find alternative ways to see their timelines. The goal behind this is that the Facebook owner is considering removing their apps from the Google Play Store and launching an app store itself. But removing your apps from the Google store is a more than risky move. It was necessary to validate the idea. And that is what he did.

When we look back a little and remember that Facebook has been gradually releasing a number of separate apps, the idea of ​​a store of its own begins to make sense. In addition to the Facebook app, we have a separate Messenger app for managing pages and groups, as well as sending photos to friends, such as Moments. Not to mention the apps associated with Instagram and WhatsApp.

AndroidPIT Facebook Messenger login hero
Messenger is a separate app from Facebook. / ANDROIDPIT

Well, with the idea validated, it remains to enter the implementation phase. We don't know when and if this is really going to happen, but if Facebook launched an alternative app store and withdrew its programs from Google Play, would you continue to use Facebook? I think most users would do that.

It is interesting to think that on the internet everything is very fast and ephemeral. How many social networks were on top before Facebook? Head on, I remember My Space and Orkut. Even before that, they had the Fotologs. But at that time no one knew how to manage a social network. Everything was very new, embryonic. Facebook appeared at a time of maturity on the Internet and especially on its business.

Unlike Orkut, for example, Facebook is much more than a social network, a profit-seeking company. And as such, it's always looking to make its users spend more time in their domains, watching photos, watching videos, clicking on ads and giving likes and shares. But it scares me to think that more and more people are dependent on Facebook and its likes as fleeting as mist.

What about, do you consider yourself loyal to Facebook? If the social networking app left the Play Store, would you still use Facebook through your browser?

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