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Lower latency, new tool paletteā€¦ what's new for Apple Pencil on iPadOS 13!

Amid so much remarkable software news (and two formidable hardware), it is understandable that Ma's announced improvements to the Apple pencil have been in the background at WWDC19. Still, if you don't remember, they exist and we'll take a look at them below.

Lower latency

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Believe it or not, the Apple Pencil was once one of the smallest pens in the tablet world, but Apple was able to reduce the rate even further on iOS 13 only with software tweaks, no buying a tablet or a new accessory. that. Of the 20ms previously recorded, we now have a latency rate of only 9ms!

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The change, though subtle, can be seen by comparing the experience between tablets running iOS 12 and iPadOS 13 especially if we are talking about iPads with ProMotion, enhanced refresh rate (120Hz) displays. With the update, the pencil response is even more realistic, turning movements into scratches with even greater dexterity almost like paper.

New tool palette

Apple Pencil What's New in iPadOS 13

The Apple Pencil tool palette has always been reasonably functional, offering an easy way to change the color or style of the tip used by the accessory. In iPadOS 13, it becomes more powerful, with a clearer indication of the function of each tip and a fuller color picker.

What's more, the new palette can be minimized for easy access at any time: it turns into a small white circle that can be attached to any corner of the screen. With that, she is always a touch away during her notes.

New tool Markup

On iPadOS 13 with Apple Pencil, you can drag the pencil from the bottom left or right to activate the pencil tool. Markup (the annotated screenshot) can even more easily say goodbye to the unthinkable exercises of pressing the volume and off buttons at the same time.

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After capturing, you have the usual tools to make notes on the image, sharing them directly from this screen to any app or contact or saving them to any folder in the Files app. Remember that if the screenshot is captured in Safari, you can now capture the entire page of the website displayed and the feature may be adopted by other apps as well.

Ah: Logitech Crayon also works perfectly with this feature.

PencilKit API

Apple's new API first lets developers take advantage of the same drop in Apple Pencil latency according to Ma, just add three lines of code to your app to enjoy the 9ms rate.

In addition, PencilKit makes it much easier for developers to create tools and integrations that were previously unique to Apple's native apps. With the API, for example, the new system tool palette can be natively integrated with applications, and developers can take advantage of new Expressive inks (Expressive Inks) used by Ma in Notes (Notes).

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So, did you enjoy it?

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Official image:

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Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

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Official image:

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collaborated: Michel Duarte Run; via iDownloadBlog, 9to5Mac