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Loop Disease: Apple Sues for Audio Chip Problems on iPhones 7/7 Plus [atualizado]

Do you know what the “Loop disease” (loop disease)? Almost a year ago, we commented that a possible defect in the audio chip of the iPhones 7/7 Plus, when it begins to manifest, prevents the speaker from working in calls or the use of apps like Voice Recorder. In some cases things can get worse, causing the iPhone to crash intermittently and even freeze up on the boot screen with the Ma logo so the name.

Well, Apple has so far ignored the problem and not opened what they call a "replacement program" for those who are suffering from it all. Because of this behavior, some users (more precisely three) tired of waiting and went on the attack, opening a collective action against Ma.

As you can imagine, the lawsuit filed at the US District Court (for the Northern Illinois District) calls for damages and a recall for affected devices stating that Apple knew about the problem and hid the hardware defect that makes some features useless. of audio from the devices.

It is worth noting that this problem has a solution: some technical assistants who managed to solve the defect reported that I need to remove the audio chip and solder a small piece of wire between the chip and the logic board ie everything seems to be really a design flaw of the product that only manifests itself after a long time of use, preventing the customer from being able to repair within the one year warranty of the device.

In some ways, “loop sickness” is very similar to “touch sickness”, both of which are caused by “flexing” the structure of the device, which ultimately damages the communication of the respective chips with the logic board. In the case of "touch sickness", however, Apple has put in place a replacement program.

We will see the unfolding of this case.

via AppleInsider

Update by Luiz Gustavo 05/07/2019 s 08:45

It was not long before, after the release of the first class action against the related apple “loop disease”, another lawsuit knocked on Cupertino's door. This time, two Apple consumers are suing Apple for the same failure as the aforementioned action.

In either case, iPhones were already out of Apple's limited warranty, so owners of these phones would have to pay for the repair. The plaintiffs claimed that "loop sickness" is the result of a design defect in the iPhones 7/7 Plus, citing that the aluminum chassis of these devices is made of "substandard materials".

As with the previous class action, the plaintiffs are seeking damages (unspecified) and precautionary measures that may require Apple to repair, replace or replace the affected iPhones, as well as extend the applicable warranties. They also require the company to take over the hardware problem of the device.

via AppleInsider