Looking for a technological career? There is a new program with 300 thousand euros in scholarships

Looking for a technological career? There is a new program with 300 thousand euros in scholarships

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on the economy and the landscape of instability has caused many professionals to lose their jobs. Thinking of those who are looking for new opportunities and want to make the transition to a new career in the technology sector, Ironhack and Landing Jobs will award 300,000 euros in scholarships.

In a statement, lvaro Rojas, Director of the new Ironhack Remote bootcamp, explains that facilitating access to technological training through scholarships is the best way to offer new opportunities for economic growth and create a tangible impact on society.

The scholarships awarded will cover the partial or total value of Ironhack's Bootcamps and are valid for intensive courses in Lisbon, but also in Madrid, Barcelona and for Ironhack Remote programs, a new online format that allows the participation of people from any part of the world.

To apply, you don't need to have any kind of prior knowledge in the area of ​​technology, just the desire to learn more. Applications are open until July 28 and can be made through the initiative's website. The winners will be announced on August 5th and will be able to choose between training in Web Development, UX / UI and Data Science.

The pandemic took the world by surprise and forced alternative strategies to keep the economy from stopping. The changes imposed did not prevent IT companies in Portugal from adapting to maintain their business.

After the initial shock, the strategies adopted are more consistent, based on the experience that companies have been accumulating in recent months, between what they have been seeing in the sector and through the feedback of their employees and their customers.

The business remained operational, ensured by the existing teams, but the vast majority of IT companies continued to search for talent to reinforce ongoing projects or integrate new initiatives and you can find several examples in the gallery below.