Long wait for quad-core MacBooks Pro begins to raise questions about the relationship between Intel and Apple

Long wait for quad-core MacBooks Pro begins to raise questions about the relationship between Intel and Apple

After all the news about MacBooks Pro pre-production models quad-core, the long wait for these machines is starting to displease many people, especially those who hoped to take advantage of the launch of Aperture 3 to switch Macs. It is strange to see that Apple's professional notebooks cannot yet be configured with one of the new Intel Core i7 processors. whereas a 1.36kg HP notebook with 12 inches can already be equipped with this chip.

Apple and Intel have been partners for more than four years

The speed with which other manufacturers have launched products based on Intel's new processors is surprising, but the fact that Apple has not yet reached these companies even more strange, since, for a while, it had exclusivity (even if temporary) in the use of certain innovations of the chip manufacturer. THE9 to 5 Mac he mentioned this when questioning the partnership between the two companies, which has been going on for more than four years.

In my opinion, Intel and Apple should not be having relationship problems. In a way, saying this without being very aware of the situation between the two companies cites meaningless causes because we are too used to exclusivity. Intel cannot always give priority to Apple, while there are a huge number of contracts with other computer manufacturers, especially when they sell far more units a year than Ma.

Perhaps this is being raised because Apple has been able to build hardware for some of its products, but as far as we know, the A4 will never go anywhere other than mobile devices. Judging that iPhones and iPods touch have not surrendered to Atom chips in the past two and a half years (and they are strong competitors for products based on the ARM architecture), this would never hinder the production of Macs with Intel processors.

If there are problems in this story, it is more than clear that they are only between Intel and NVIDIA. We have warned in the past that one day Apple would come to a standstill amid these two companies, wanting to combine the graphics performance of one company with the computing power of the other during a war that is still going on between them in the courts. In order to adopt processors like the Core i7 in MacBooks Pro, it is necessary that their manufacturer is willing to dispense with NVIDIA's integrated graphics solutions, which although not as fast as other more advanced ones, are making a difference for millions of users on a daily basis -day and this one who writes you one.

Considering that this is not an easy choice to make, perhaps Apple has found alternatives to use new models of NVIDIA graphics hardware in future MacBooks Pro, which are already proving quite capable and will be able to generate great results on these new machines. The problem that, for many people, is being difficult to wait, but this is even understandable: after all, a wise co-worker has already told me that waiting for an art