MX ERGO - Logitech mouse

Long live trackball: Logitech brings back the scroll ball on its new mouse

“THE BALL IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!” That was how Logitech started publishing the announcement of its newest product, the mouse MX ERGO.

Whether you miss (or don’t) miss cleaning that scroll ball on your mouse, it’s not the issue now. Fact is that Logi listened to all the fans of the nostalgia trackball and is bringing it back in its newest product – and not just for design reasons.

The last mouse model launched by Logi that had the famous scroll ball was the M570, in 2010. It is still on sale and, if you do a brief search on the internet (mainly on YouTube), you will notice that many enthusiasts still prefer this type of mouse for being more comfortable and relieving pain in the wrists, since to drag the cursor you only need to move the ball with your thumb.

MX ERGO - Logitech mouse

With the MX ERGO, the company wants to take the issue of comfort to a much higher level, reducing muscle tension by 20% (thanks to the presence of trackball), “sculpted” shapes to rest your fingers and the entire palm in the best way and rubber coating on top to provide a good grip.

Another feature present in this mouse that makes all the difference in comfort is the possibility to adjust its angle up to 20º, so that the hand can be in the most natural position possible.

MX ERGO trackball - Logitech mouse

Among the eight buttons present on the mouse, one located just above the trackball allows its accuracy and speed to be adjusted. In addition, the scroll wheel (the “wheel”) allows you to navigate both vertically and horizontally, when tilting it.

Just below the wheel, you can see a button with the numbers “1” and “2”, which simply indicate that you can connect it to two devices at the same time and switch the use with the buttons. The connection can be made either by a small IR receiver (Windows 7 or higher; macOS 10.12 or higher) or by Bluetooth (Windows 8 or higher and macOS 10.12 or higher).

The mouse also has a rechargeable battery, which receives power through a Micro-USB port. A full charge lasts up to four months depending on use and, according to Logitech, with just one minute of charge it is already possible to use it for an entire day.

The MX ERGO can be purchased for $ 100 directly through the Logitech website, or in retail stores across the United States.

via The Verge