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London National Gallery Exhibits Image of Jony Ive at Apple Park

THE National Portrait Gallery London has announced the most recent accession to its extensive (and privileged) collection: a portrait of Ma's former chief of design, Jony ive, registered by the lens of the renowned photographer Andreas Gursky somewhat familiar to the executive: the Apple park.

The picture shows Ive wearing a mostly white outfit on an outer edge of the main Apple Park building, whose design was heavily influenced by the designer. According to NPG, the executive is one of the “leading figures in contemporary design” and that the image added to the collection “reflects a long-standing professional admiration between two outstanding creative figures,” referring to Ive and Gursky.

We are pleased to announce our latest adhesion a portrait of Apple design chief Sir Jonathan Ive by internationally renowned photographer Andreas Gursky.

Jony Ive one of the leading figures in contemporary design. Described by founder Steve Jobs as “his creative partner,” he joined Apple in 1992. From his cutting-edge projects for the iMac and iPhone to the fulfillment of Apple Park's vision in 2017, his role has been central to the progressive ambition and Apple's success. As one of the few portraits taken by Andreas Gursky and the only (his) portrait admitted to a public museum, this new addition to our gallery reflects a longstanding professional admiration between two outstanding creative figures.

Find the portrait of Jony Ive on display in room 32.

Ive also honored Gursky's work:

I've been obsessed with Andreas's work for a few decades now, and I vividly remember the thrill of our first date seven years ago. His particular and objective description of what he sees, whether it's lush landscapes or the rhythm and repetition of supermarket shelves, beautiful at the same time provocative. Aware that he rarely makes portraits, this is a remarkable and personal honor.

Finally, Gursky shared the experience of photographing Ive at Ma's headquarters:

It was fascinating to photograph (Ive) at Apple's new headquarters, a place that plays a historically crucial role in our present and future. Above all, it was inspiring to work with Jonathan Ive in this scenario. It was he who found the shape of Apple's technological revolution and its aesthetics marked an entire generation. I admire his immense visionary power and tried to express that energy in my portrait.

Ive led Apple's design team from 1996 to this year. During this time he helped create much of the range of gadgets from Mac to Apple Watch, including the iPhone and iPad, as well as being closely linked to the design projects of the company's stores around the world.

In June, Apple announced that Ive would leave Cupertino to form an independent design company called LoveFrom. Still, the ties between the company and the executive did not loosen as Ma is now one of Ive's main clients.

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