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The truth is that with today's review, we realize the powerful power of our subconscious mind and its relationship to advertising. How messages invade our brains through images and hold on forever. Nowadays many of us are unable to identify even a tree species. But identifying trademarks is not at all complicated. Keep reading our review and find out where we got this conclusion: from the Logos Quiz app.

Functions & Usage

Devices: -Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4-Acer Iconia A500 with 4.0.3 Custom ROM

When launching the application you can select from the following options: Online Contest, New Game, High Scores or Get Free Hints.

In New Game, you access all existing levels. The goal of each level is to hit a certain number of logos. Once reached, the following level becomes available. You should click on a certain logo, it will be maximized and just below the screen you write the answer. There are only 80 logos per level. If you are in doubt or unsure of one of them, you can ask for three clues.

The logos are of all kinds, from super-hyper-known brands to sports teams that go beyond our knowledge. For example, there is no knowledge of the NBA Utah Jazz logo. In such cases you can ask for help.

In Online Contest, you have a fun alternative to playing against a real opponent and against time. To win, you need to hit five different logos.

The High Score option is used to compare results with other players, something very similar to OpeinFeint.

Get Free Hints contains options to get more free leads or to indicate on Facebook that you like the app. It is still possible from this option to purchase other apps.

ConclusionWe must say that the concept behind Logos Quiz is quite interesting. Often you will find yourself totally instructive, trying to associate a logo with a brand. The game is a bit americanized. There are so many US brands. Nevertheless, it is nonetheless highly recommended.

Screen & Controls

The Logos Quiz has a very simple and clean design. Their icons are small. We did our tests with a high end device and are of the opinion that it would be better for developers to make a new version with slightly larger logos. The Logos Quiz has no special tablet design.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Logos Quiz is very stable and has not interrupted at any time. The only thing we found a little boring was the movement from one logo to another.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Logos Quiz is available for free on our App Center. It is worth testing it.

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