Logitech's New Wireless Mouse Brings Vertical Design

Logitech, one of the industry's most famous peripheral manufacturers, recently introduced a wireless vertical mouse, the MX Vertical. The product features a 57-degree tilt design, which makes the product look out of the ordinary, but according to company studies, ensures a better user experience.

While conventional mice force the user to spend hours with a flexed wrist, the vertical mouse allows for use with the arm in a "handshake" position, thus using the product with more natural movements.

In addition to the distinctive design, the MX Vertical stands out for the absence of wires. The product has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to four months. In addition, the mouse brings quick recharge that gives three hours of use with just a minute of charging.

The MX Vertical also features a 4,000 DPI sensor and comes with Logitech's unique Easy-Switch and Flow technologies. The tools allow the user to control two different PCs with the mouse and even copy files between the two devices.

MX Vertical is not yet expected to launch in Brazil, but it arrives in the international market in September for US $ 100 (about R $ 393 in direct conversion).

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