Logitech's new speakers brighten the mood with on-screen content and have Mac compatibility

THE Logitech is launching today a new set of speakers that appeal mainly to the public gamer, but that should also draw the attention of users who enjoy immersive content of all kinds (be it games, movies or anything that is going through your screen).

O G560 Gaming Speaker composed of three parts, one of which subwoofer and two speakers. The latter two bring, on the back, an RGB lighting system that synchronizes and reflects the screen content ie if you are watching a movie, the predominant colors of the frame will be reflected on your wall, enhancing the immersive feeling.

The technology LIGHTSYNC, by Logi, connects to some games so that the reproduction of lights is even more faithful and instantaneous; Among the most popular titles supported are Battlefield 1, Dota 2, Final Fantasy XIV, GTA V and many others. The speakers, however, also work by capturing the colors of the computer screen, so any exposed image can be “zoomed in” through its lighting system, which can even project lights to the rhythm of the music being played. being touched.

Logitech G560 RGB Lighting Speakers

The speakers feature 120W RMS power and connectivity via USB, auxiliary input or Bluetooth, and can even connect multiple devices simultaneously to the set through the technology. Easy switch from the manufacturer. They are compatible with Windows and macOS, and will hit stores next month for $ 200, next to the G513 mechanical keyboard (pictured above, also compatible with LIGHTSYNC).

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via MacRumors