Novo controle Harmony Express da Logitech vem com assistente digital Alexa integrada

Logitech's New Harmony Express Control Comes with Integrated Alexa Digital Assistant

THE Logitech announced this week a new universal control that comes with the digital assistant of Amazon integrated, Alexa. THE Harmony Express It has a small size, very compact, because it incorporates the minimum of buttons, highlighting a main blue circle that the user presses to give voice commands to Alexa.

As shown on the video, the user can perform commands such as "turn on TV" or "play music" or "open Netflix". As long as the devices are compatible and connected, any command that could be made to Echo from Amazon itself can be done to Harmony Express. According to Logitech, the control is compatible with over 250,000 devices. And Amazon was pleased to bring its digital assistant to a new device:

"We're very excited to see Logitech simplifying the home theater experience by bringing Alexa's convenience to its Harmony Express remote control. With the built-in Alexa, you can easily browse and browse content, control smart devices, access thousands of features and everything else you need from your voice.. "Pete Thompson, Vice President Alexa Voice Service

Another interesting feature that deserves highlighting in Harmony Express, especially given its small size, a controller locator. The user can install the finder app on their Android or iOS smartphone, which is very light and simple. If the person can't find the control, just activate the app that Harmony Express will start making a noise until it is located.

The control is already on sale at authorized US stores, including the Logitech official website, and it comes out at the suggested price of $ 250.

While Alexa has already become a very popular digital assistant abroad, there is still no forecast for her to show up here in Brazil. But that may not be so far off, as Amazon has finally started shipping Portuguese development kits for the technology in our territory later this week.

Source: Neowin