Logitech Craft

Logitech’s new Craft keyboard brings smart wheel focused on creative work

THE Logitech today launched a different keyboard, with a very cool design, focused on creative works.

This is the Craft, which immediately shows its great differential: a smart wheel located in its upper left corner, which offers different functions depending on the active app on the Mac or PC.

The wheel cannot just be turned; it can also be tapped and clicked, greatly expanding the possibilities for interacting with it. The first examples brought by Logi include everything from zoom control and brightness adjustment in Adobe Photoshop, stroke thickness control in Illustrator to the creation of graphics in Microsoft Excel.

Craft also has a backlight (backlighting) intelligent, which not only observes the brightness of the environment in which the user finds itself, but also only lights up when their hands approach the keyboard.

Logitech Craft

Logi promises an excellent typing experience, with great efficiency, stability and precision. The idea is to “feel, but not hear” each keystroke.

Like most of Logi’s current peripherals, Craft goes with both a receiver Unifying 2.4GHz that connects to a USB port as can also be used via Bluetooth connectivity.

The keyboard has a suggested price of US $ 200 in the United States and will hit the international market in October.

via The Verge