Logitech opens sales of Crayon, the ‚Äúcheap version‚ÄĚ of Apple Pencil

Logitech opens sales of Crayon, the ‚Äúcheap version‚ÄĚ of Apple Pencil

After presenting the Crayon to the world in March, the Logitech, manufacturer of accessories and peripherals, has just opened the sale of the stylus to the general public. Initially, Crayon was made available only to some educational institutions as part of the educational advertising of the sixth generation iPad, which arrived in Brazil last May.

Crayon has some technologies similar to Apple Pencil and offers a responsive, accurate and comfortable writing experience, as well as palm bounce sensors so you can rest your hand on the iPad without interfering with the pen's operation. Furthermore, it does not require pairing via Bluetooth; just press a button for a second and it will automatically connect to the device.

Crayon hand rejection technology

Despite this, Crayon does not offer (not to have something cheaper that is exactly the same) all the features of Apple Pencil. Even though the Logitech stylus has tilt detection, it does not have the pressure sensor that equips Apple's pencil. Another negative point that Crayon works only with the sixth generation iPad so there is no point in testing it with the iPad Pro.

According to the manufacturer, 2 minutes of recharge can offer up to 30 minutes of use and, with a full charge, the device can be used for up to 7 hours. Overall, Crayon has:

  • Button on / off;
  • LED battery indicator light;
  • Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes;
  • Flatter aluminum design;
  • Lightning cable connection;
  • Withstands drops of up to 1.2m.

Logitech Crayon

Crayon is available at Logitech and Apple online stores for US $ 70 and will start shipping from next Wednesday (9/12); in addition, it will also be sold in physical Apple Stores and should be made available in other stores in the United States and Canada starting next month. For educational institutions in these countries, Logitech will continue to sell Crayon for $ 50.

The manufacturer stated that it will extend the list of countries with the special discount for schools soon, but for now, we do not know if Brazil will be included.

via 9to5Mac