Logi BASE com iPad Pro

Logitech launches the first base that recharges iPads through its Smart Connector

THE Logitech seems to have guaranteed a certain exclusivity with Apple in terms of accessories for the iPad Pro. It was the first (and I think it remains the only one) to announce a keyboard that makes use of the new Smart Connector and today it came with another great news .

The Logi BASE, an stand charging station for the iPad Pro that also uses its Smart Connector.

Logi BASE with iPad Pro

Made entirely of aluminum, with a very tasteful design and non-slip base, the Logi BASE supports iPads both 12.9 and 9.7 inches and has a rear Lightning port to recharge them while they are positioned on it. landscape mode with an angle of 70 degrees.

It is recommended to plug it directly into the outlet (instead of a USB port), since the tablet requires a lot of power to be powered. You can even use it without removing the iPad from Apple's official silicone case, which is great.

Logi BASE costs $ 100 in the United States.

(via The Verge)