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Logitech Launches Slim Folio Pro with Backlit Keyboard for iPads Pro

THE Logitech, manufacturer of peripherals and accessories for gadgets, launched this week its version of Smart Keyboard Folio for the new iPads Pro (third generation). Call Slim Folio ProThe case is compatible with both 11 and 12.9 inch models, and has some very interesting features.

Slim-Folio Pro by Logitech

First, Slim Folio Pro connects to iPad Pro via Bluetooth, not from the Smart Connector. What would be a downside turns out not to be such a bad feature, since the case has a battery that lasts up to three months on a single charge besides not draining so much of the battery of the iPad Pro.

This is even more impressive considering that the backlit Slim Folio Pro keyboard, unlike Apple's accessory. In addition, the Logitech case has a set of shortcut keys similar to those of Ma keyboards, but focused on iOS functions such as showing / hiding the virtual keyboard, going to the Home screen, among others.


There are three ways to use Slim Folio Pro to perform specific tasks more effectively, such as drawing and typing. In ?Typing Mode,? simply dock the iPad Pro's screen to the keyboard level and type in comfort; ?Sketch Mode? lets you retract the keyboard for you to draw and write with Apple Pencil (there's even a place to store and reload it); and in ?Reading Mode?, the keyboard is fully retracted for you to read with iPad Pro smoothly.

Slim Folio Pro by Logitech

In all modes, the Logitech case keeps the iPad Pro's front and back protected from scratches and splashes. That all, of course, adds up to the total weight of the device more precisely 552 grams on the 11 ? version and 707 grams on the 12.9 ?.

Slim Folio Pro by Logitech

Compared to Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio, Logitech's cheaper accessory ($ 120 for the 11 ? model and $ 130 for the 12.9 ? model, versus $ 180 and $ 200 for Ma's case, respectively) and has some extra options like the backlit keyboard and iOS shortcut keys. On the other hand, Slim Folio Pro does not use the Smart Connector to recharge, and in case of low power, you will need to connect it to the iPad Pro's USB-C port.

Slim Folio Pro by Logitech

Slim Folio Pro is already pre-sold on Logitech's American website and should soon arrive in Brazil. Local prices have not yet been released.

via 9to5Mac