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Logitech launches 4K webcam exclusive to Pro Display XDR; pro accessories pro mac are now on sale

Between the tip specifications and the heavy label of the Pro Display XDR, it is likely that most of us missed an important detail: Apple's new professional monitor doesn't have a built-in camera.

Before anyone came up with conspiracy theories, the reason for not including the camera was explained by John Gruber on Twitter: Pro Display XDR will be widely used on local editing islands, visual effects and post-production where confidentiality is required. at all times and cameras / microphones can't even get close to avoid leaks. If Ma's monitor included a camera, it would automatically be out of these environments, which would be a huge loss for both Apple and professionals.

Good, then, that Logitech is coming riding from the horizon for all those who do not have this limitation and want to include a webcam in their new setup. Its manufacturer announced today, a few hours after the start of sales of the Pro Display XDR, 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam, a 4K camera designed specifically (and exclusively) for the new Ma monitor. The accessory attaches to the monitor via a USB-C cable and attaches to the top of the Pro Display magnetically, with the possibility of angle adjustment. of the lens.

Introducing the # 4KPro Magnetic Webcam designed exclusively for @Apple's new Pro Display XDR. Create high quality video to communicate, collaborate and record right from your desk.

The webcam also features a proprietary technology from Logitech, called RightLight 3, which automatically adjusts the color and light settings of the video capture to match the lighting of the mode you are in. You can also make all these adjustments manually with the Logitech Camera Settings app for macOS.

4K Pro Magnetic Webcam is already on the Logitech website for $ 200 And it can be found also at the American Apple Online Store.

Mac Pro Accessories

Still regarding the American Apple Online Store, it is worth noting that the online store has already opened a specific section for accessories and upgrades of the new Mac Pro. We have the usual suspects there, like the Pro Stand (for $ 1,000) and the VESA mounting adapter (for $ 200), in addition to the aforementioned Logitech webcam.

Afterburner BoardAfterburner Board

We also have several upgrade parts for the new computer which, of course, can be sold separately precisely because the machine allows them to be easily installed by the user.

Check out some examples below:

We still have some extra accessories not available in the "default" computer configuration. One of them the Promise Pegasus J2i, an 8TB SATA storage module that goes out by $ 400; for those who need a little More space, Promise Pegasus R4i brings 32TB of SATA storage with RAID architecture for fast memory swapping $ 2,300.

Logitech Lock Adapter for New Mac ProBelkin Padlock Adapter

For those who want to protect the bowels of the Mac Pro from potential outsiders, Apple has made available in the store a Belkin adapter for padlocks and locks; The accessory is attached to the back of the computer with Philips screws (without any modification or machine damage) and allows you to attach a lock to it so that the equipment can be opened with the key only. The adapter goes out for $ 50.

The Apple Online Store page also has other equipment and accessories such as Blackmagic eGPUs and a Belkin auxiliary cable kit and the list is expected to expand rapidly in the coming months.

via Cult of Mac