Logitech lança K600, teclado com touchpad feito para smart TVs

Logitech lana K600, touchpad keyboard made for smart TVs

Who has one smart TV You know that it is not very practical to use the remote control to enter or select options, navigation is very limited. Luckily, some companies are developing smart television keyboards, the Logitech case that is launching the K600.

This keyboard that can connect to television and not only has typing keys, comes with a touchpad to control the mouse cursor.

The good news is that this keyboard is not meant to work only with smart TVs, according to Logitech, it works with other Bluetooth devices, you can connect it with Android, iOS and other Windows and Mac devices. The news is that it is not compatible with all televisions, being limited to the most popular models of the LG, Samsung and Sony 4k. Check if your television is compatible with this model on the logitech website.

The K600 is already available outside for the initial price of $ 70.

Via: Engadget