Logitech lana a Brio 4K Pro, $ 200 Ultra HDR Streaming Webcam

THE Logitech launched the webcam Brio 4K Pro, device capable of recording and streaming on the internet 4K HDR imagesand is compatible with technologies such as Windows Hello.

According to camera specifications, Brio is capable of recording on "Real 4K" and reaches 4096×2160 resolution, larger than the 3840×2160 that is the standard for Ultra HD TVs and monitors today.

The webcam streams videos on 4K HDR at 30 frames per second, or 1080p with 60FPS. Other Brio 4K Pro features include up to 5 times optical zoom and 65º, 78º and 90º field of view options. The connection to the computer is via USB Type-C.

Brio 4K Pro is coming to be the most powerful webcam on the market, beating competitors like Stargazerstrong competitor made by Razerbut that does not reach Ultra HD resolution. Another factor to consider is the price: while the Razer camera costs $ 150 at stores like Amazon, the Brio 4K has higher specifications for $ 200.

More information and a purchase link for the Brio 4K Pro is available at Logitech website.