Logitech introduces wireless miceDesign Collection

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  • Logitech introduced new models of wireless MousesDesign Collection
  • The models are small and light, suitable for users who need to transport
  • Its main differential is in the printed design on mice

THE Logitech presented new models of Wireless Design Collection Mice. They were developed to serve the general public, mainly in work units. The company promises that they are highly responsive, in addition to presenting differentiated design.

Design Collection mice are being offered in four new patterns: Spring Meadow, Cosmic Play, Teal Maze and Blue Blush. In addition to having different colors, the prints that make up the mouse are also quite different.

As you can see in the image above, the models are totally custom. There are options with tone degradation, floral prints, mix of colors and geometric print. This is the main differential of these models.


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Its design also features materials rubberized next to. This option makes the grip more firm, making navigation with the mouse more precise and easier, in addition to being more comfortable. Your scroll cursor, which lies between the left and right buttons, also promises to be very precise and smooth.

Its specifications are sufficient to meet a common user, jobs in general. Logitech describes its new products as "compact, super responsive and completely wireless". The fact that they have wireless connections, helps to keep an organized desk. They are connected to the 2.4 GHz range and the USB transceiver is included in the mouse value. Your range up to 10 meters.

Because they are smaller, they are easier to transport. This is useful for customers who work with notebooks and need mobile solutions for their equipment. The fact that there are no wires is also a facilitator to be able to take from one place to another. He weighs 84 grams and its measures are: 95 55 38 mm.

The mouse power source a standard AA battery, which promises to be sufficient to 12 months. After that period it must be changed. Depending on the use of each user, this duration can vary, both for more and for less.

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The mice were designed to be supported by almost all operational systems PC. Which indicates that they can be used by Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS and Linux.

Logitech announced the price suggested by $ 29.99, about R $ 151 considering only the current currency quote. This value may change, depending on the retailers that resell the product.

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