Logitech, a good brand of mice to use with Linux

You always ask about the hardware I'm using, about the peripherals, and even though I want to make a new video now that the new channel setup is done, today day to talk about the Logitech G203 in specific, and my experience with brand hardware.

Logitech Configurations and Mice on Linux

I'm not the most demanding person in the world when it comes to mice, but I usually do a lot of research before putting my money on something. Recently I decided that I wanted to change my mouse, because the old model I used for a long time, a mantistek, was starting to give some click problems.

There are great brands available today, the gamer scenario especially has grown too much and this has given us several opportunities. But all I wanted while looking for a new mouse was a good footprint, my palm footprint mostly, a nice design, good build, some extra steel buttons, a good polling rate and a DPI setting that doesn't It was also up to software to have a good DPI rate, too, along with that, if I was to ask for too much, a design that pleased me and a price that didn't make me overspend.

I have always had good experiences with Logitech models, although until then I have used more basic models, such as the classic G100S mouse, plus a keyboard and mouse kit like this:

So, I decided to go to Logitech's gamer line, the so-called G line, this "G" indicates the Gamer segment and not just mice, but it's a host of other products like HeadSets, keyboards and everything.

Considering the costs and benefits, I arrived at the model G203, which you can see in the video below:

Why interesting for Linux users?

Increasingly, player-oriented devices are receiving software that complements the experience, allowing additional settings and adjustments. These are software that generally do not have native versions of Linux, which fortunately does not mean that they are not manipulable, as the case of Razer, through projects like OpenRazer. In the case of Logitech, we have a software called Piperusing in conjunction with a driver called Libratbag, It promotes a simple and intuitive interface that has everything you will need to set up a mouse like the G203. Tell us about your experience with specific Linux mice and keyboards, this can help others better understand their possible experiences when buying certain product models. You can extend this discussion to our forum too.

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