Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth?


Of G1:

The monster Nessie is described as a plesiosaur, a marine reptile with four fins and a long tail, extinct millions of years ago. The reproduction that shows a white spot with the same shape of the creature in the water was published in vehicles such as “The Sun” and “Daily Mail”.

“I didn’t believe it. He’s just like Nessie’s descriptions, ”said security guard Jason Cooke, who reproduced the image. Adrian Shine, a researcher on the Lago Ness project, said the image is “really intriguing” and deserves study.

To better visualize the supposed Loch Ness Monster, access Google Earth and direct the coordinates 57 ° 12’52.13 ″ N (latitude) and 4 ° 34’14.16 ″ W (longitude). If you don’t have Google Earth installed, you can use Google Maps to access the imagery (link).