Apple Xinyi A13

Locations for 1st Apple Store in India are delimited; 2nd store in Taiwan confirmed

Apple Stores are now under new leadership; as we mentioned, the then chief of people Deirdre O’Brien also assumed the position of Senior VP of Retail after Angela Ahrendts left Apple last April.

Among some of the future plans for Apple stores around the world, perhaps the most ambitious for O’Brien will be the opening of the first Apple Store in India, as we will see below.


As we know, Apple’s situation in India is not ideal, but the Cupertino giant has never given up on the Indian market. Despite the low expressiveness in sales of iPhones (they account for only 1% of the total handsets sold there), Apple – and its suppliers – are dedicated to investing in the country and (trying to) reverse this situation.

One of the ways, from Apple’s perspective, to overcome the difficulties faced in India is to open its first physical store in the country – and this could happen sooner than imagined. According to anonymous sources from Bloomberg, Apple finalized the list of possible locations for the installation of its first Indian Apple Store.

According to the report, Apple has focused on several “high standard” locations in Mumbai and plans to make a decision on the exact location soon. The locations surveyed are comparable, according to these people, to other iconic spots occupied by the company, such as Apple Fifth Avenue (in New York), Apple Regent Street (in London) or Apple Champs-Élysées (in Paris).

Apple’s biggest difficulty in opening a store in India concerns local laws, which require companies to produce at least 30% of their products locally. This, coincidentally (or not) is exactly what Apple plans to achieve later this year with the expansion of factories at some of its suppliers in India, such as Foxconn and Pegatron, which are “fleeing” from the effects of the trade war between the United States and China.


This week, Apple started promoting the opening of its second store in Taiwan, East Asia. Located at the foot of the thriving shopping center Xinyi A13 in the Taiwanese capital, the place was decorated with signs and information indicating the imminent opening of the new store, as disclosed by Mobile01.

Apple Xinyi A13Apple Xinyi A13 | Image: 9to5Mac

For now, Apple has not released either the day or the opening time, but a formal announcement is expected to be made soon. In front of the store, a sign combines the Apple logo with Chinese characters that read “Creativity starts here, Apple Xinyi A13”.

Between the store and the mall, there is a tree-lined square with public seats (maintaining the “square” style of other Apple Stores). Inside the space, stairs are likely to lead to an underground floor of the site, which is supported by a carbon fiber roof and two stone pillars, surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling glass facade.

As with all new Apple stores, Apple’s second location in Taiwan is aligned with the company’s goal of creating community spaces to expand the reach of the Today at Apple. Presumably, the Forum Apple Xinyi A13 will be larger than that of Taipei 101, helping the company to provide even more sessions and workshops exclusive there.


After months closed for renovations, Apple is preparing to reopen its store in Portland (Oregon). Apple Pioneer Place will welcome its customers again starting May 31, at 10 am (local time).

Reopening of Apple Pioneer Place

Among the novelties, the reopening of the Portland store will include, as seen in renovations of other Apple Stores, a new Video Wall it is a Forum to carry out the sessions of the Today at Apple. Since last March, the windows of the place have been covered with a black wall that surrounded the store.

Apple Pioneer Place will be the first Apple retail store in Oregon to feature the latest in design and technology, with a focus on offering cultural programs and events. In addition to it, the company has another unit (with the old design) installed in the city of Tigard, Apple Washington Square.