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Live Blogging: Launch of Galaxy Nexus and Android Ice Cream Sandwich

10:48 pm: There is a problem with YouTube's new Cosmic Panda interface that does not display live events! Return to normal mode to be able to watch the broadcast later.

10:32 pm: According to the BrifMobile website, the Galaxy Nexus should bring a new touch-sensitive technology called Bezel. The function of this feature would be to bring the navigation buttons (which disappear in certain applications) back to the screen, activated mainly by some gesture or strategic area of ​​the screen.

10:25 pm: A video uploaded a few minutes ago to YouTube shows an alleged hands-on with the Galaxy Nexus:

10:05 pm: Google has just confirmed that it is 2 hours before the start of the transmission through the Android channel on YouTube, that is, it starts exactly at 12:00 am this Wednesday, 10/19.

9:50 pm: Gradually Samsung is starting to reveal some tips about the Galaxy Nexus (name confirmed!). See it in real time: The hotsite is not yet online, but it seems that it will be sold by the operator Verizon in the USA.