Taxinteractive.  Photograph by Rafael Pires Leite.

Lisbon taxis get touch screens with Internet connection

Those who travel by taxi in Lisbon may, in the next few uses, come across a new device installed inside the vehicles. The OMD agency bet on this new support, using the Taxi Interactivo platform, which proposes the installation of high definition touch screens for advertising display.

The screens offer the possibility for passengers to access informative, advertising and entertainment content while traveling, through micro sites designed for this purpose.

News, cinema premieres, weather, restaurant guides, hotels and services, places of tourist interest and thematic channels – games and videos, for example – are some of the content that can be found on the platform, said those responsible for the project.

As can be seen in the image reproduced below, the screen is installed on the headrest of the passenger seat and, unlike some systems that only display informative sequences, has interactivity as one of the key points. In addition to accessing text, audio and video, it allows downloading via Bluetooth and SMS.

Taxinteractive.  Photograph by Rafael Pires Leite.

Device image. Photograph by Rafael Pires Leite.

The mobile broadband Internet connection allows the contents presented to be updated remotely and segmented according to the audience to be reached – they can be personalized for a particular taxi or for a group, as well as programmed according to “time slots” or from a geographic area, the Omnicom Media Group agency also highlighted.

The officials also highlighted the advantages of being a “non-intrusive way of presenting advertising” and “in a context free from distractions, which favors the viewer’s receptivity”. The recipe will have convinced brands like Vodafone, Renault or Sogrape, who are betting on support.

In a first phase, the solution will be implemented in 300 taxis in the municipality of Lisbon, for which the OMD estimates an audience of around one hundred thousand passengers per week.

Editorial Note: The news was corrected with information meanwhile made available.