LinuxSociALL: World's First Social Network for Linux Users

Have you ever imagined a social network for us Free Software users?

Is the idea of ​​a hegemonic social network operated by a megacorporation the only and obligatory way to maintain personal relationships and to feel integrated? Do we all have to submit guardianship of a company to have social life?

LinuxSociALL - Logo

LinuxSociall breaks this paradigm by showing that thematic social networks can offer an alternative to building networks of relationships with groups focused on better defined common interests, but being operated with open source, sustainable technology, without the tutelage of a corporation, allowing integration with other social networks without restrictions imposed only to create and maintain monopolies.

A place where you can exchange ideas and always stay in touch with your friends in the area or help new Linux users. Show how our Free World can be more efficient and dynamic. Create your group around your Free Software project and use our resources to publicize your work. Visit, support, enjoy, share and share your information by motivating others to seek knowledge.

Let's show everyone that Linux is only 2% as polls say! =]

Access: http://www.linuxsociall

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