LinuxONE: IBM's mainframe with incredible computing power

IBM's new super mainframe runs exclusively on Linux

IBM has announced a partnership with Canonical to work with Ubuntu on LinuxONE, the mainframe must also support Red Hat and SUSE systems.


IBM invests in Linux for its new platform

IBM announced yesterday (17/08/15) its newest line of mainframes named after LinuxONE, a platform that runs exclusively on Linux.

IBM Latin America director Anval Strianese commented that the two members of the new family of mainframes are able to bring together enterprise-level hardware, software and services with Linux, "they will be flexible for hybrid cloud deployments," he said.

The LinuxONE Emperor, Based on the IBM z13 chip, which was considered in Janeira this year as "the fastest in the world", this would be a system capable of analyzing transactions in real time, with amazing scalability! It could run up to 8,000 virtual machines, really amazing!

The second model the LinuxONE Rockhopper, This would be a bit more modest, built to cater to average customers, emerging markets looking for speed, security and manageability.

Open source

An interesting point worth noting in IBM's announcement is that the company has released 500,000 lines of code from the mainframe, which they consider to be the largest contribution to code ever made by the company.

Strianese explains that IBM already has a national manufacture of IBM z13 chips, according to him LinuxONE is already available for purchase in the Brazilian market. According to him the mainframe has great representation in the market and an expansion in this sector expected for the second half of the year.

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