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Linux with amazing performance on Left 4 Dead 2

Games that are optimized for Linux may mean gamers embrace the platform.

The games for Linux still have a lot to evolve but we can already see some pearls in the middle of some "dubious" sizes for the Penguin system, we tested Left 4 Dead 2 on Ubuntu 15.04 running on Intel + Nvidia Hardware, check the result:

Left 4 Dead 2

Optimization Making a Difference

The Linux games market is still in full development but today we will look at one interesting detail, the optimization of Linux games.

People who regard Linux as a gaming entertainment platform have a few occasional complaints, better drivers, especially from AMD, releases and poor performance on some titles, which is poor performance but less than the same Windows performance on Windows. eventually.

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It's okay that drivers have to improve, that more titles have to be released but we can clearly see what a little more dedication to the size or development of the Linux game can make a total difference in it.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a Valve game and as it is investing heavily in Linux-based Steam Machines so it is no more natural than the company to caprice in size, unfortunately we do not see the same in all games released for the penguin system.

Check out our performance test, if you want to know more about the machine we use to do the tests Check out this video.

In the video I commented on Rust's video, it may be interesting to see it to understand the comparison that was made:

Now AMD just needs to improve Driver compatibility and we will have a big breakthrough and of course the developers pay good attention to their size or development.

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