Linux Week: Second Day Summary

The second day of the week of Linux was very busy too, check now the summary of the second day of the event.

The second day of the week of Linux was very busy too, check now the summary of the second day of the event.

Summary of the second day

Check out the events of the second day of Linux Week

If you missed the summary of the first day of "Linux Week" don't worry, click here and check it out, on the second day we had:

Web development for deadline perfectionists using Python and Django

This talk demonstrated how Python and Django can be used for web development of perfect projects with deadlines.

Gilson da Silva Borges Filho

The name of this performance!

This talk will demonstrate correct ways to use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Online Tools and running on terminal, NodeJS and other tools.

Pedro Polisenso

Efficient IT Service Management with Open Technology Real Services (OTRS)

This talk will demonstrate how to implement ITIL in your company through the use of free OTRS software.

Andre Miranda dos Santos

SNEP, the only Brazilian free IP telephony platform.

Mobility, flexibility, freedom and unlimited resources are some of the things Asterisk has brought to businesses, but managing these IP PBXs is becoming increasingly complex. It is in this scenario that SNEP has been designed and designed, a complete, robust and easy to manage and manage communication environment solution.

Douglas Conrad

IPv6 on Linux Concepts, practices, and problems in adopting the new Internet protocol

This talk will demonstrate the main concepts and practices and problems in adopting the IPV6 protocol.

Ricardo Olonca

Santoku Linux: Mobile Forensics

This talk will demonstrate the Santoku Linux distribution.

Gilberto Sudre

Hard / Soft Drones Free

This talk will demonstrate the assembly of Drones using hardware and free software.

Anderson Paim Porto Alegre

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