Linux surpasses Windows Vista in number of users

The venturebeat website published a statistical result made NetApplications website revealing that Linux passed Windows Vista in number of users. Hasta la vista

Windows 7 still reigns sovereign

According to the report, about 60% of users use Windows 7, about 7% use Mac OSX, Linux reaches almost 2% and the remaining diluted in versions of Windows and others. Windows Vista is still used by about 1.74% of people and Windows XP still has an amazing 12% (addiction!).

We recently published information from Canonical, the developer of Ubuntu, that the system would have at least 25 million userswhich is a much more real number than a percentage.

How is this account made?

That Windows Leader I do not put the slightest doubt, but I have my "if we" because of the way the analysis is done. In the case of Linux, of course, the count only refers to desktop users, people who have on their personal computer one of the Linux distributions, indirect use as access to Linux servers are not part of the count, and it is absolutely correct, so As Smartphones are not part of the count, in this case the count would be different too.

Net Applications measures Marketshare software based on 160 million monthly pageviews on about 40,000 sites, which may give us a sense of what the actual amount, however, is based on the number of Internet users (well 2000s). that there are and the number of sites, depending on which site is taken into consideration these values ​​can be greatly changed.

I think the only way we could get a real sample, or at least something closer to reality, would be that companies that produce the main internet browsers in the market would raise an operating system statistic, in this case I'm talking about Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Apple, gathering this information and writing a real report would still not be 100% but it would be more reliable.

What do you think about it?

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