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Linux Suicide: Are You Really Good?

Can you be flawless on Linux?

This is one of those programs that test users.

And, you are one of those users who know all about Linux, knows the commands backwards, if you think Hyper Ultra Master Blaster Gnu / Linux User? Very good "I want to play a game with you …" jigsaw-linux Suicide Linux is a program for Ubuntu / Mint / Debian that serves to test your skills, the simple "game" you use your computer normally, but when you enter the terminal to run ordinary commands or not, you see the following screen:

From the start of the game, you can not miss any command if not …. well, instead of the terminal give you suggestions or complete the command, as usual, it will have the answer rm -rf /. And what does this command do? you may be wondering, simple, it erases your todinho disk or Ubuntu at least.

And can you take the risk? like walking a tightrope, a "false" command and "tux says goodbye".

I found a demonstrative video on YouTube, but the Ubuntu version is still old, but it's worth it as a demonstration.

Google Luck! :]

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