Direct3D rodando no Linux

Linux now runs DirectX 3D and gaming market becomes even more promising

Will you now be able to play games that are completely native to Windows on Penguin?

This is great news and I can barely cover my smile as I write, if you are just starting out in the Linux world you should know that the system still doesn't have the wide variety of game titles that Windows has, although the situation has really changed a lot in the US. In recent years Linux in the gaming market is still in its infancy.

Direct3D running on Linux Thanks to Valve's initiative, in partnership with Canonical, to bring Steam to Linux, many doors have opened, encouraging other companies (such as Blizzard bringing World of Warcraft to Linux and SCS that brought the Euro Truck Simulator 2), porting their games to Linux.

Although DirectX 3D is not a game it has a lot to do with it!

The developers of Gallium3D, an open source 3D acceleration library, have announced that they have been able to make the library compatible with Direct3D 11, one of the leading libraries used by most Windows games.

According to them Gallium3D for Linux works perfectly in games where the library D3D9.dll is needed, besides having an incredibly better performance than Wine offers. Until now 3D accelerations on Linux were supported by OpenGL, which has also improved every day and now even gives us play DOTA 2 for Steam on Linux.

What now, Joo? For this you did not expect and neither do I! Now there is the real possibility of tolling many games considered "big" for Linux.

"And you, are you laughing too?"

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