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Linux Mint unveils new logo and brings news in September

One more month starts and as usual, the Linux Mint folks release a release of what's new in the system.

In this release, Clement Lefebvre has given back to project donors and supporters. He also thanked the folks who helped fix the Update Manager icon bug on the taskbar because they were unable to reproduce it.

The announcement starts with the language tool, which would allow you to choose the date format according to the person's locale. As some users report, that would not be enough. After some analysis, the Linux Mint folks identified a flaw in the design of how the default date format was localized. The days and months were looking for the LC_TIME environment variable, Mint was using gettext according to the desktop language. This will be fixed in Mint 19.3 in Cinnamon and MATE versions.

Then commented on XAppStatusIcon, which had a polish and a new API for those who want to develop applets. Applets are currently available for Cinnamon and MATE, with a version of a plugin for XFCE 4.14. In Mint version 19.3, libAppIndicator will be fixed to use XAppStatus as fallback.

A big news was the reformulation of System Reports, which will now have more functions and alerts for the user.

The features it has are:

If a new version of Linux Mint is available;

If your version of Linux Mint is approaching EOL;

If your Timeshift configuration is configured (Update Manager will no longer be responsible for this);

If drivers are available;

If language packs are missing;

If multimedia codecs are missing;

Now the big news was the release of the new Linux Mint logo. As we reported earlier, a new visual identity for both the logo and the site. It seems that the first was given, which in the case the logo.

Thus, according to the words of the project, it will be possible to create more modern designs and explore a wide variety of colors and icons. The logo is now based on the letters L and M.

To see the other news, you can check out the full post here.

I liked the news and hope they come more, especially for those who use hybrid notebooks (), with the integration of environment variables, driver and the like. This reformulation is very welcome, as it shows that the project is looking to modernize and capture new users.

But now tell us in the comments, what you expect from version 19.3 that should arrive around Christmas 2019.

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