Linux Mint 19.3 Beta Now Available for Download

Linux Mint is one of the most beloved operating systems by Brazilians, and today the new version beta has been released, 19.3 Tricia, with a lot of news, mainly in the Cinnamon and Xfce versions. 19.3-beta version available

System Report

One of the new features of Mint 19.3 is a tool called System Report, which will be present in the system tray and warn you whenever there is a new or possible system problem, such as the lack of a language pack, a codec, a new driver. or even a new version of the system.

system-report "border =" 0 "original-date-height =" 351 "original-date-width =" 526 "height =" 426 "src =" https://1.bp.blogspot/- OsmZnZj_F3c / Xebw01_-KgI / AAAAAAAAp9w / JmnhtGcCY20nyfB2H1zmGg-t402oEmfNwCLcBGAsYHQ / s640 / System Report.png "title =" System Report

Language Settings

In addition to the possibility of changing the region language, it will now also be possible to change the time format.


HiDPI Support

Support for HiDPI is almost complete, from applications available natively, only for Hexchat and Qt5Settings is still unavailable. HiDPI support is available for all 3 versions of Mint.

The flags on the Language Settings screen are no longer blurred and because of XappStatusIcon, now the tray icons are also clearer. In Cinnamon release, support for HiDPI has also been fixed in the theme rest and the theme previews.

Application Override

In this version, 3 native applications have been replaced:

Celluloid takes the place of Xplayer as a standard media player. Xplayer can only render video using the processor, causing the battery to drain quickly, making the computer hotter and hotter. Celluloid already uses MPV's backend, which has superior performance and can play videos at much higher resolutions with the same hardware.


Gnote replaces Tomboy as the main note-making application. As in the case of the media player, the replacement was performed for performance reasons: Gnote is developed using newer technologies, delivering superior performance.


GIMP is no longer the default Linux Mint image editor, giving way to Drawing. In this case, the reason for the performance is the ease of use for novice users. Because GIMP is a professional edition application, it can be very intimidating for users looking for simpler features, such as cutting or drawing some geometric shapes. Drawing has a much simpler interface.

drawing "border =" 0 "date-original-height =" 438 "date-original-width =" 526 "height =" 530 "src =" https://1.bp.blogspot/-SqmV7H5sGRM/XebyQzirw_I/ AAAAAAAA-Q / N3sj4GrKIKwcwdLHdSIdMFjxVoi7flZ9ACLcBGAsYHQ / s640 / drawing.png "title =" Drawing


Cinnamon is the default Linux Mint interface, and the new version 4.4 has some improvements:

  • Each panel zone can have a different font size and cones;
  • Cinnamon can be restarted without loading third party extensions;
  • It is now possible to change which actions will be visible in the context menu of Nemo;
  • Improved login animation;
  • Speed ​​optimizations in menu applet, theme and extension settings;
  • Support for silent notifications;
  • Simplified window settings
  • The menu and panel settings have been redone;
  • HiDPI settings are now located in the display module;
  • Extensions can be arranged according to available updates;
  • The network list refresh button has been removed, and now the update is performed each time the applet is executed;
  • Extensions can now be reloaded via the menu in the settings window;


Linux Mint also has an option using the Xfce graphical interface, and this update will be updated to version 4.14 with several new features:

  • The window manager now supports VSync, reducing or removing screen tearing;
  • Better support for Nvidia drivers;
  • Added a new configuration screen for color profiles;
  • In the screen configuration screen it is possible to save and restore complete configurations of multiple monitors;
  • A new option has been added in the Appearance settings to enable GTK window scaling;
  • Added features in Thunar such as support for larger thumbnails, the possibility of folder.jpg to change the folder icon (widely used in music folders) and improved keyboard navigation;
  • Bug fixes in Tumbler, thumbnail creation service;
  • Screen capture application enhancements, such as the ability to resize the area both horizontally and vertically at the same time;

XApps Improvements

Libxapp version 1.6 has a solution called XAppStatusIcon, which has several enhancements such as support for HiDPI, dark themes, symbolic icons, eliminates rendering problems, cropping and wrong sizes, and has no obsolete dependencies. The three versions of Linux Mint have support for XAppStatusIcon.

The XAppIconChooser widget has been improved, and now supports standard icons and customizable icon categories.

xappiconchooser "border =" 0 "date-original-height =" 423 "date-original-width =" 526 "height =" 514 "src =" https://1.bp.blogspot/-XWCjAnFHDyo/XebyuWgzHnI/ AAAAAAAA-c / nCliXK2aG-4k-I-i7oXqO0myrB7MIJfYwCLcBGAsYHQ / s640 / xappiconchooser.png "title =" XAppIconChooser

The Blueberry bluetooth device manager has also been redesigned, as shown in the image below. What's more, it now has better device detection, better bug reporting and supports more bluetooth devices.

blueberry bluetooth


The Linux Mint logo has been simplified, making it easier to use symbolic versions and giving artists more freedom to use the logo for arts production.


The system splash screen (also known as the Plymouth Splash Screen) has a new effect, which was dubbed by the Mint team as the washing machine:


The boot menu has also been revamped, with a much more modern theme, displaying icons of the installed systems.

grub "border =" 0 "date-original-height =" 417 "date-original-width =" 526 "height =" 506 "src =" https://1.bp.blogspot/-ljCGUrciplo/XebznjPBrfI/ AAAAAAAA-4 / phyN5ecl3CIRhSri4jBRTyiPj_4BtrlkACLcBGAsYHQ / s640 / grub.png "title =" Grub

Other news

  • You can now disable the touchpad when a mouse is identified;
  • Correes on Dbus and PulseAudio;
  • Date and time settings have been rewritten in Python;
  • Xed: It is now possible to open links with the right button;
  • Xreader: New annotation buttons have been added;
  • Xviewer: A command has been added to reset the zoom level;
  • LightDM Settings: You can now select a cursor theme for the login screen;

All versions of Linux Mint 19.3 are based on Ubuntu 18.04 and feature kernel 5.0. You can download by clicking the button below.

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