Linux Mint 19.1 – How to upgrade from version 19 without formatting

The developers of Linux Mint recently announced version 19.1, codenamed "Tessa". Today, one day after the release of the latest version, information about the upgrade to the latest version of Linux Mint has been released. Learn now how to upgrade to the latest version of distro without formatting your computer.

I upgraded my Linux Mint 19 (Cinnamon) to version 19.1 this morning, I have been using the system almost all day and have not encountered any problems so far. I'll help you with the procedure, let's go?

How to upgrade your Linux Mint to the latest version

1 – The first step is to make sure that you have all your updates on time. Open the update manager from the menu or icon in the bookmarks bar, click "Update"and if there are any updates, apply them before continuing.

Linux Mint Update

As a precaution, developers suggest that you back up / snapshot the system using TimeShift, the Linux Mint backup tool you find in the menu. The procedure should not fail, but in any case, if you want to have a safety plus good practice.

2 – The next step in the update manager itself, click the "To edit"and you should find the option"Upgrade to 'Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa'", click on the option.

3 – You will be greeted with the update welcome screen, where there are release notes for you to check out, information about new features and minimum requirements for using the new version. To learn more about Linux Mint 19.1, check out the article we made about the release of the verse.

An important tip, if you use a notebook, it is worth emphasizing the importance of leaving the computer on power or at least have the battery well charged. Upgrade time takes according to the speed of your internet and also the capacity of your hardware.

4 – After starting the upgrade, a window with a progress bar will be displayed, in general you do not need to interact with it, but in my case, as I use a Nemo extension for Dropbox that offers extra integration, it was It is necessary to click "see more" and confirm the addition of the package by pressing the letter "y" of "yes" and pressing "enter".

Wait for the upgrade process to happen.


5 – When the update is complete, restart your computer to make sure everything is loaded normally. If you have installed themes, extra applets or extensions in Cinnamon, you may need to reconfigure or update them. If you have a custom environment, the new Linux Mint layout, with icons on the bar, will not be loaded by default, so look in the menu for the "Welcome Screen" application, where you can change the layout.

welcome-linux-mint 6 – Your Linux Mint is ready to use, just enjoy the system, with Cinnamon 4.x, performance and speed improvements.

If you want to leave the system with the default packages that developers have planned, two other steps can be done, installing some packages and removing others, copy and paste these two commands into the terminal: