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Linux Mint 18.3 "Sylvia" was released with interesting news!

This new version of Linux Mint brings, to me, the most functional Linux distribution of today, not the most beautiful, but the most functional. These are interesting tools and tools available for different purposes that allow any lay user to use the distribution without any major problems. Pleasing both those who just use their computer to surf the internet and those who expect a little more from the computer.

I showed all the main Linux Mint news in one video, check it out:

Today were announced the two major versions of Linux Mint 18.3, the Cinnamon version and the MATE interface version. Both come loaded with news that you can check out the release notes directly. on the official Linux Mint blog.

My highlights

Linux Mint is the first of the "popular" Linux distributions to bring native package support. Flatpak via Flathub in their redesigned App Center. Yes, we have the Endless OS which has been serving this way for some time now, but only slightly different segmented systems, we have support via GNOME Software as well, but not exactly the same way.

This new repository ensures access to a variety of new software independently, with all the advantages Flatpak can bring. The new App Store has a specific category for them, however, their use, integration with the system, installation and removal exactly the same as other packages.

The only flaw I noticed is that some Flatpak applications do not respect the Linux Mint GTK theme using the GNOME Shell Adwaita standard.

Linux MInt Application Center In addition to the new App Center, other interesting things that were added were new software. Like TimeShift and Redshift, the former can be used for backup and the latter to make your "quiet little night eyes" more comfortable over the course of the day.

Cinnamon Customization

Cinnamon, which comes with the main version of Linux MInt, is a much more customizable interface than it looks. I recommend you check out this video on interface customization:

One of the new features included in the update that just came out the support for progress bars in the lower pane, something that is extremely common in the Windows world, but is still a cool fragrance. I detailed this news better In this other article, feel free to check it out.

Linux Mint 18.3 "Sylvia" Download

You can download Linux Mint 18.3, codenamed "Sylvia" at 32- and 64-bit ISOs, 64-bit ISOs have UEFI support and are recommended for newer machines (actually from 2007 onwards generally).

Anyone using version 18.3 Beta can simply open the update manager and apply the suggested updates, thus running the latest version.

For those who wish to upgrade from version 18.2 or 18.1 to this version we will post a tutorial soon here on the blog, so stay tuned.

Download via Torrent the following link:

If you prefer to make direct ISO downloads, cSee this page. If you need to check your ISO to see if it was downloaded smoothly and completely, check out our tutorial on how to check the sum of ISOs (torrent downloading virtually nullifies this problem):

The next release of Linux Mint still has no name, but should only happen in mid-May 2018, being the first version of the system series 19 and already based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS that will be released in April.

And have you tried this new version of Linux Mint? Did you like the news? Tell us your impressions of version 18.3 through the comment session, see you next time!


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