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Linux Mint 12 and its Gnome versions

Clement Lefebvre, founder and lead developer of Linux Mint, announced that he has started work on his new project, Linux Mint 12, which will use two versions of Gnome, Gnome 3 and 2. The new edition will initially be developed together with Gnome 2.32. The developers decided to stick with 2.32 because they believe there were no radical changes in Gnome 3. In a blog post on Linux Mint, Lefebvre said that version 3.2 would also be used because it is more mature than previous versions of Gnome 3. A The development team saw potential in Gnome 3, so we will use it to implement something that may look and behave better than anything else based on Gnome 2. However, there is still no prediction of when to be the first release of Gnome 3. a Mint with Gnome 2 or 3: "Of course we are starting from scratch and this process may take some time," said Lefebvre. The Linux Mint team is also working with the MATE project, developing a fork of Gnome 2 to give users an option to switch between the two versions of Gnome on the same system. However, this option will probably only be available when Linux Mint 12 is released. Linux Mint aims to be a friendlier distribution of Linux, the goal being to provide a more complete user experience, including DVD playback support, Java, plug-ins and various codecs.