Linux Kernel 3.10 Released, Installation Tutorial and Some More Information

New Linux 3.10 Kernel Available with Enhancements for AMD and Nvidia Video Cards and Better Support for BTRFS File Systems

After months of development finally kernel version 3.10 is available

The new kernel has a lot of new and new patches in order to fix some existing bugs.

Kernel 3.10 has begun removing obsolete code to support very old hardware that is no longer on the market for the purpose of making it lighter and more stable and of course better supporting new hardware.

We can also see considerable improvements to BTRFS file system support, also improving support for RAID and Bcache, modifications have also been implemented to reduce power consumption, especially for mobile devices.

And considerable improvements come with Kernel 3.10 for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, both in their proprietary and open source drivers. To know all the Kernel changelog click here.

sudo apt-get install lynx

wget -The

chmod + x

sudo sh

sudo reboot

And restart the computer, if something goes wrong you can remove the kernel with the command below:

sudo apt-get purge linux.image-3.10 *

See you next time!


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