Linux rodando em banco de avião

Linux is used on aircraft seats

Linux is even used in the armchairs of airplanes, who said penguin does not fly?

Where is the most different place you have ever seen a Penguin system running? Well, definitely the place where you rest your head at the time of flying one of these not?

Linux running on airplane bank

Linux taking care of your comfort while you make an area bridge

As I like to tell stories, in the Diolinux email from time to time some very interesting ones arrive, and this one I will share with you, including the photo above was taken by the user who sent the email.

Following is the message:

Good night Dio!I have been following your blog for some time and, during this time, I noticed that several posts about the presence of Linux on the most different equipment, besides the presence on the "Internet of Things", have been published and I decided to share a "find" (at least I I think it was).Avianca's Airbus A320, on which I took a trip last week, equipped with a touchscreen, which is attached to the back of the front seat and, after takeoff, is free to watch movies, series or listen to music. Because there I am browsing the available music and the equipment hangs. A few seconds later he rebooted alone and, to my surprise, there was the Red Hat Linux boot screen and tux on the small screen.I took a picture right away, but there was no time to write "Red Hat Linux". I found it interesting to see that the Linux system is being used by Avianca on its aircraft.Abrao, Roger Meira.

I think it is slowly coming into people's minds this issue of the importance of Linux for this technology that surrounds us, unfortunately it is not so unusual to see people say "Nobody uses Linux, Linux sucks!", Things like, when in fact the question today after all "who doesn't use linux?"

Thanks to Roger for sending the funny story and of course I have to comment, after all the berry crashed and restarted, at this time I tell the Windows fans who are lurking in the corner of a Linux finger pointing failure, better one. system that crashes and restarts alone and returns to normal than a blue screen n, you would have to look for the armchair reset button!

Just kidding, it's pretty cool to see how Linux is imbued with just about every technology, and to think that there are still people who say they don't like it?

See you next time!

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