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Linux International wants to produce low cost computers in Brazil

Raspberry PI can be produced in Brazil to lower cost

This was a speech by Jon Maddog Hall, director of Linux International, revealing at the Free Software International Forum (Fisl 14) in Porto Alegre, RS, who is working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to manufacture the minicomputer in Brazil.

Raspberry Pi can be produced in Brazil

He is looking for institutions that accept to manufacture the product, and if all goes well we can order Raspberry PIs at Christmas later this year.

The main objective of manufacturing the mini PC in the country is to reduce the price due to the import tax, outside Brazil the Raspberry PI sold for about 35 dollars, about 80 reais in the current currency, but with the import price for the Brazilian rises to 170 reais approximately.

It's too high for anyone to pay for something that will be used for experiments that can go wrongsaid Maddog. If you can make it here, we expect to sell Raspberry Pi for the price it sells abroad today, at $ 35.

This year Raspberry PI co-founder Pete Lomas came to Brazil and had declared his interest in the Brazilian market.

Maybe this way the Brazilian can give wings to imagination without having to sell his mother to buy things.

Initiatives like this can bring good ideas and new technologies to the market, now you know what to order for Christmas mom! = D

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