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Linux Foundation welcomes 43 new members

More companies come together as Linux Foundation members, fostering and contributing to the growth of Open Source.

Famous for leading and promoting the Open Source movement, the Linux Foundation has success stories like Kernel Linux itself, but is not limited to its development. And more members will contribute to the growth of Open Source and open source projects.


On April 25, the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has announced the addition of 38 new "Silver" members who, in addition to contributing to development, support in open source projects and people, will invest money in these initiatives.

So Open Source technologies like Hyperledger , Kubernetes , Linux , Node.js and ONAP, will be supported by more companies. This means further improvement and adoption of these projects, which are even standards of various segments and have their growth "full steam ahead".

In all there are 43 new members, being 38 "Silver", among them the Kodi Foundation (responsible for one of the most famous players, Kodi Player), the Stanford University (no need for introductions) and with recognized companies in our country, for example one of the largest financial institutions HSBC. And one of the largest car manufacturers in the world and the largest automaker in Europe, Volkswagen.

The other 5 associate members are government agencies or nonprofit organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the maintenance, construction and use of Open Source technologies.

If you would like to see the full list of all new members, access the link.

Every day more and more companies are seeing the value of Open Source, and contributing, whether using technologies, promoting them, developing or funding them.

And this is very interesting, to see that yes, this is a profitable and viable business model.

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