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Linux Foundation talks about need for convergence and praises Canonical

A post from the Linux portal shared by the Facebook page of The Linux Foundation praises the need for interface convergence and recognizes Canonical's good initiative with Ubuntu.

Interface Convergence

Convergence the future of interfaces

It all started with Ubuntu for Android and then we had the Ubuntu Edge project that unfortunately ended up getting out of paper for not getting the budget needed to get the project to market.

Second publicaeste post on the portal Linux Canonical's initiative to make a converged desktop was excellent the current market indicates that this is really the way and future of technology, Ubuntu Edge's idea of ​​being a Smartphone with exceptional graphics and simply "turning" into a desktop when connected to one dock what people expect, one system for both desktop and mobile needs.

The article also sheds light on why investing in the mobile market of extreme importance, analyzing the market we can see that last year were sold almost 3 times more smartphones than desktops and notebooks in the world showing that more people, read more – And ordinary users who basically access social networks, email, and browse websites are replacing conventional browsing with mobile experience.

And what do you think about it? Do you think convergence is good for people? Is this really the way of things?